Freedom_s_Journal188 years ago, on March 16, 1827, John Brown Russwurm and Reverend Samuel Cornish published the first Black newspaper in the United States, Freedom’s Journal.  To commemorate this milestone, the National Newspaper Publishers Association  (NNPA) has designated March 16th “Black Press Day.” In keeping with this idea here are ten ways to celebrate the history of African American newspapers:

  1. Read a Black newspaper
  2. Research the Black Press or a Black journalist
  3. Tweet a “thank you” to a contemporary Black newspaper/journalist for maintaining the tradition and legacy of Black journalism
  4. Subscribe to and/or advertise with a Black newspaper
  5. Write an Op-Ed for a Black newspaper
  6. Teach your students or children about the history of the Black Press
  7. Watch Soldiers Without Swords
  8. Become a member of or advertise with the National Newspapers Publishers Association
  9. Advocate for the accessibility and preservation of Black newspaper archives
  10. Friend or follow a Black newspaper on Facebook and Twitter