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The Michigan Chronicle: “The Black Press Is More Important Than Ever”

Black Press | American Black Journal

Stephen talks to Cathy Nedd. Roadshow Jan 2018/Seg 2

Michigan Chronicle publisher, Cathy Nedd continues the long tradition of making sure black newspapers are one of the major voices of the African American community. She and other Black Press publishers are invested in telling the stories that white, mainstream media habitually ignores.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Jackie Ormes

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During the month of February we celebrate African American/Black history.  The next month in March we follow with celebrations of women’s contributions to United States history.  African American women’s experiences obviously overlap with both of these commemorative months. However, they are often missing from either.  In the most classic sense, “African American” is often understood from a Black male’s viewpoint while “Woman” is deemed only valid through the lens of whiteness.  For this reason the BPRC takes the time to celebrate Women’s History Month by featuring one of many contributions that African American women have made to the Black Press.   The above video highlights Jackie Ormes, the first African American woman cartoonist whose work regularly appeared in the Chicago Defender and Pittsburgh Courier between 1937-1956.  For more information on Ormes see http://www.jackieormes.com.